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Six gates far away Mon Colle knightSix gates far away Mon Colle knightSpace legend Ulysse 31Space legend Ulysse 31Space pirate Captain HarlockSpace pirate Captain HarlockSpeed grapherSpeed grapherSpirit hero WataruSpirit hero WataruStory of Pollyanna, girl of LoveStory of Pollyanna, girl of LoveThe littlesThe littlesThe vision of EscaflowneThe vision of EscaflowneTockyo mew mewTockyo mew mew

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CB Manga, the manga and japanimation website is a website about 70's to nowadays japanese cartoons, aired in most famous french television youth programs : Récré A2 (Antenne 2), Club Doroth�e (TF1), M6 Kid (M6), R�cr� Kid (TMC). Many are also aired on Mangas "Your favourite heros channel". They are **** within presentation files with detailed informations as close to the original versions or the most recent editions as possible : titles, episodes summaries, personnal comments, characters, videos and other surprises.